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Student Review

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Simply Study

Student Review is everything a Student needs to be successful in one application.

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About Student Review

While enrolled in the Interservice Physician Assistant Program for the United States Army, Where I earned a bachelors and Masters degree in two and a half years,  I realized how inefficient current study tactics are for students.  The amount of time wasted creating note cards, outlines/notes, and performing research became quite a burden on my time. Trying to find a better way, I could not find one, and therefore Student Review was born. Student Review is aimed to save Students time by creating note cars, outlines, and performing research without typing or writing.

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Location: Tampa, Florida


Josh Reissig

Josh Reissig

Founder & CEO

Served in various leadership positions in both Military and civilian capacities. Responsible for Radiology, Lab, Dental, and Mental Health departments in a combat and non combat environment while serving in the US Army. Served as the Physical Training and Height/Weight Non commissioned officer for a combat support hospital. Supervised radiology technologist and was a PACS administrator for the second shift of one of Central Ohio’s largest Primary Care Physician Groups. Recently graduated from the inter-service physician assistant program from West Point and is in tune with current education environments and methods. Currently employed as a Certified Surgical Physician Assistant.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Student Review different then other applications?

Student Review helps with student productivity because students now have the tools to make all of their note cards, outline/notes, and perform research without typing or writing. All study material can be made easily using a simple highlighting tool that copies and pastes text to the intended reference. Student Review can also audio record lecture and a student can hand write notes on the screen for quick diagrams. Student Review also stores all the information to keep students organized.

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