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Startups Featured In

This pre-product startup went from outreach to committed investor in less than 10 days

"Jake and the team has been there supporting me every step of the way and he is the best mentor I’ve ever had. This changed my life in a very short amount of time and I look forward to a long relationship of working with them."

This startup from NY got the 'red carpet treatment' (and funding) from Snapchat

"The team was key in our ability to impress without having a product built yet. Having the skills to sell our vision helped us open doors and get us to where we are now."

Brandon Martinez, Founder of Snkrhud

FinTech startup gets signed Letter of Intent for a $1M funding round from a VC

"We're gonna give you the GREATEST LONGEST most EPIC review.. EVERR! You're the best keep doing what you're doing and helping others like us."

David C., Founder

Ridesharing hardware startup from the Southeast south gets acquired for $12M

"They've been nothing but awesome to work with! They immediately understood exactly what we were trying to build, and offered suggestions to solve problems we hadn't even thought of yet. They went above and beyond during each step."

Griffin B., VP

Sports startup in the midwest focused on helping college athletes get paid raises $150K

"Your team did a phenomenal job setting us up for future success. This process isn't easy and so we're glad you were here to help at each of these first steps."

Patrick W., Cofounder

Yes, startups are even getting investor meetings and commitments during Covid

"The team did an amazing job. Gabi was very helpful in fleshing out my idea, figuring out what I really need to start with and laying the ground work for an amazing product. Meredith and the team killed it and Meredith was key in keeping me in the loop and keeping me updated on milestones"

Chris V., Founder

We've been helping startups WIN since 2014

LaunchFund is for you if...

  • You have invested tons of your own time, money, credibility into your startup, but are afraid that it could die if it doesn’t get the capital you need to reach your next milestone.
  • You have an idea but are frustrated because even though you know it’s potential, you need funding to build it.
  • You already launched, have some traction, but don’t understand why investors haven’t seemed interested.
  • You KNOW you can crush an investor meeting… but have none in your network and don’t know where to find the right investors to begin with.
  • You’ve already raised part of your funding round, but can’t seem to get over the finish line.

There are 2 major reasons why only 3% of all startups raise any funding, and the average one takes over 14 months to do it


Although there are over 211K angel & seed investors in the U.S. and Canada, entrepreneurs don't typically have access to them. If they do, it's very few and likely not the investors most statistically likely to fund their startup.


Raising funding is at it's core a marketing & sales process, just for larger dollar amounts. But most entrepreneurs aren't trained in the methodologies, tools, or tactics of high ticket marketing & sales.

We're the only ones dedicated to solving these problems for entrepreneurs... & it's working

Our startups are at a 58% success rate in terms of raising their full round

Cut time to getting funded from 14 months to less than 90 days

14X more investor responses than average startups

27X more investor meetings than average startups

A note from Jake Hare, Founder & CEO

"I never wanted to build this...

Yes, I know that sounds insane, but hear me out.

In 2014 I started my company Launchpeer, a startup studio that helped entrepreneurs build, launch, and scale.

And in 2017 this happened...

That was no good.

Our startups for the life of them could not get funded.

Smart, capable, hard working entrepreneurs often with a good idea, good product, good team, and good traction couldn't secure any capital.

So without funding, our startups would fizzle out, sometimes dragging along long enough to make it thru but often times just dying. 

All that hard work and energy they put into their startup would go to waste, or ideas wouldn’t even come to fruition because money got in the way.

As a former homeless teen and the first person in my family to graduate from college, the last thing I wanted to see was money standing in the way of good people fulfilling their potential.

So, our team went to work.

We became obsessed with finding a solution.

And we did.

Our team of startup funding experts are backed by custom tools built by our development team and literally thousands of hours of training focused on helping entrepreneurs like you get funded.

If you're ready to raise funding, we should talk.