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Launch Fund is like Kickstarter but for startups seeking traditional funding

Bringing startups & angel
investors together at scale

Pitch Investors at Scale

Pitch Investors at Scale

Investors from around the world are on Launch Fund looking for seed stage startups like yours.

No Product, No Problem

No Product, No Problem

We focus on seed stage startups, both with and without products. Investors decide who they want to fund.

Completely Free

Completely Free

Totally free to apply, and Launch Fund doesn't take a fee, equity, or percentage of your funding.

Over 300 startups and counting

We're trying to democratize the startup fundraising process

Fundraising shouldn’t be so costly or time consuming. Startups want to raise money. Investors want good deals. Launch Fund brings those groups together virtually.


Startups Apply

Startups will be chosen on a rolling basis, & if accepted get a dedicated page on the site with info for only investors to see.


Investors Search

Investors can find startups by size, industry, funding needed, location, and more. They can view details and connect with the startups online.


Startups Get Funded

Investors and startups can connect, negotiate, and go through due diligence with the goal of a fully funded round.



It's too difficult for early stage startups to get funded. We want to change that, which is why Launch Fund is completely, 100% free.

Some of the startups raising money on Launch Fund



$0 Raised of $400,000 goal 0 Investors Prototype Stage $5,000,000 ValuationSipp was founded by four engineers and was the by product of graduate research…

launchfund March 28, 2020
Orange Charger

Orange Charger

Orange Charger brings home electric vehicle charging to people no matter where they live.

launchfund March 11, 2020
Student Review

Student Review

Student Review is everything a Student needs to be successful in one application.

launchfund July 24, 2019

Your questions, answered

Frequently Asked Questions


Do you take equity in the startups through Launch Fund?

Nope! We believe startups should keep their precious equity for better things like cofounders or investors.

What kind of startups can apply to Launch Fund? What stage are they in?

Launch Fund is for technology startups, so if your business will rely heavily on a web or mobile application then you’d qualify. We also lean heavily toward B2B startups who have a planned revenue model. Lastly, we prefer to accept startups who are raising a seed round of $50K-$500K in funding in order to get their app built, or to get initial traction for an already built app.

Wait... so if Launch Fund is free, why or how are you doing this?

Our team at Launchpeer has been working with startups for 4 years and seen how difficult it is to raise early stage funding. We built Launch Fund because we wanted to make it easier for them to find the right investors and vice versa.

Of course, we HOPE that once you raise funding you keep our team in mind to help you with development, marketing, design, or other things you’ll need, but there’s no requirement to do that.

What is the application process like?

First you’ll click ‘Get Started’ on the button below. After finishing your application, our team will receive and review it. If you’re approved, within 24-48 hours a member of our team will reach out to schedule a screening call. On the screening call we’ll informally talk about your startup and what your needs are, and if approved we’ll give you access to Launch Fund right away.

Can you guarantee I'll raise money?

100% no! Startup fundraising is a complex process with a lot of variables. Though we’re confident we can say Launch Fund will help you raise money, we unfortunately can’t guarantee every startup will get funding through our platform.


What kind of investors are able to register for Launch Fund?

All kinds! We have small investors who are just getting started in the startup world, and large institutional investors who want access to awesome startups.

Is there any obligation to invest if I join Launch Fund as an investor?

Nope! Registering for Launch Fund is free and just means you get first access to some of the best startups raising capital. If you never choose to invest, that’s okay (but we hope you do).

How do view details of the startups on Launch Fund?

Once you register for Launch Fund and are approved, you’ll have the ability to login and view all details of the startups featured on Launch Fund including their pitch video, pitch deck, founder information, and more. You can even chat with the founders online. You’ll also be notified by email of future startups so you never miss out on a great opportunity.

Is there a minimum check size?

Each startup is different, and that information will be available on their profile so you know before reaching out.

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